The Chinese city Dalian is wonderful and very beautiful. It is situated in the northern part of the country and is well known for fashion and football. The Laodong Park is a really calm and good place for walking, but the more interesting is that in the center of the park there is large football ball, which is proved for the love to the sports from the native people. Definitely, this is not everything, which you should know about the city because the largest part of the economic development of the province is based on the large cargo port, which is situated in this city.

The city does not have a long history and ancient buildings, but however, the Chinese traditions are quickly transferred here and mixed with modern modernism and architecture. Today the city of Dalian has important trade functions and financial institutions, which are developing the economy of the region fast. saudi arabia business visa

Definitely one of the most impressive things for the visitors of the city is the large green plants all over the city and fountains and the large squares, which usually have beautiful gardens. Millions of tourists visit the city every year, who wants to see the nice and clean beaches and the nice weather in the Dalian.

The most visited and best beaches in the city are the Tiger beach, Jinshitan beach, and Fujiazhuang beach. Around them, you may see entertainments, cafes, aquariums, and beautiful parks.

Dalian - China
Dalian – China



The beauty of the whole city is incredible and the sightseeing of the city is really quite much. The city has a few museums and art galleries, but the modernism usually attracts more. The city Dalian has some annual fashion festivals, which are some of the highest rated in China and even the whole of Asia. Some of the best sightseeing in the city are Zhongshan square and Dalian Anglican church.

Usually, you will be amazed by the style, beauty, and architecture of the whole city. The city is one of the best developed in the Liaoning province and the city is chosen for the top destination for travel in China.


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